Onefinity Journeyman X-50 Enclosure

I decided to get a CNC router, and looking around for something that combined the best combination of price, quality and size for my shop, I decided on a Onefinity Journeyman X-50. While waiting for delivery I built a torsion box table and an enclosure so I’m sure glad it actually fits! The enclosure is the telescoping type with both the front and the rear sections mounted on heavy drawer slides. Front and rear doors can be fully opened for access. A big thanks to Mitz ( for the ideas.

For anyone wanting to build an enclosure for the Journeyman, my dimensions are follows:

Table top: 72.5” x 51.25”
Enclosure: The minimum inside clearance height is 31.5 “ off the table top. That seems like plenty of head room. The minimum inside clearance to the sides is 67”, and the inside clearance depth is 51.25”. These dimensions are just enough to position the Journeyman so that you can use either a front facing or rear facing dust collection shoe without hitting the doors. There’s enough room at the left rear corner for a 2.5 inch hole for the vacuum hose. The controller is mounted outside of the enclosure.

For anyone looking to build an enclosure for this machine, here are some screen shots showing the dimensions I used.

I have a 2.2 kw 80 mm water cooled spindle and VFD but for now I’ll just be trying it out with the Makita router.

Dust collection: My shop is in my basement so I can’t tolerate any dust. I already use a particle counter and a 5 hp Clearvue cyclone vac system with ducting for standard woodworking machines, but there’s no way I want to run that thing for long CNC jobs. So I’m trying out an Oneida dust deputy with a Festool CT 48 shop vac and it seems like it will be adequate. Using the PWN dust shoe with the enclosure doors closed I surfaced my spoil board with no measurable dust issues in the shop at all. Although it wasn’t designed for sound dampening, the enclosure does a pretty good job at quieting down the router noise.


  1. Hello!
    I’m waiting for my Journeyman (Late May delivery). I would love to know how you went about building your torsion box AND enclosure. If you have plans that you are willing to sell (or freely provide:) I would be grateful. That is one clean shop! Thank you for sharing a glimpse inside your shop!

    1. Sorry I missed your comment! I guess it’s a little too late for those torsion box plans. I hope everything went well with your Journeyman delivery.

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